Rogue reviewer: radical or recuperation?

Climate change commodified

The global movement demanding action be taken to combat climate change has been gaining momentum. It has also sparked a conversation around socialism—people are striking for real change, not just un-serious technocratic solutions.

There has also been a disturbing recuperation of the movement. Capitalists and class traitors are attempting to redirect the movement—these people are not interested in saving people nor the environment, rather, they are interested in saving capitalism. Business seeks only to commodify the movement, thereby diluting the revolutionary message.

While the environmental crisis threatens the lives of the proletariat classes, capitalists continue to exacerbate the problem, all while toting “green” versions of products. This frames the problem as a consumer choice, and obscures the real power dynamics at play; that is, that the very wealthy profit off of environmental degradation and that, in much of the world, the extremely wealthy drive production. It’s supply and demand, as in, the wealthy and powerful demand, and us workers supply. Or, as equity researchers in a citigroup industry note gleefully put it, “we hear so often about ‘the consumer’. But when we examine the data, there is no such thing as ‘the consumer’ in the U.S. or UK, or other plutonomy countries. There are rich consumers, and there are the rest. The rich are getting richer, we have contended, and they dominate consumption.” [1]

We cannot let the current energy towards the climate crisis be absorbed by “green capitalism”. Let us not mince words here, “green capitalism” is, at its best, a PR tool meant to shift the problem away from those actually responsible. While their profits are concentrated, they wish to redistribute blame equally. The “human race” has not caused this threat, capitalism has. “Green capitalism” is merely a cynical attempt by the wealthy and powerful to raid our collective piggy banks and channel trillions of pounds and dollars into the pockets of venture capitalists, who have leapt aboard the “climate justice” bandwagon in the hope of getting very rich, very quick.

These people are not serious about addressing climate change, for if they were, they would admit that free-market capitalism, privatization, and deregulation have all led to the mass extinction event we are currently in. They will destroy the earth, and run off to luxury survival bunkers[2] if we allow them to dictate the direction of the climate movement—we cannot stand by and allow this to happen. Doing this will lead to death and suffering, and we cannot continue to pretend otherwise.



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