Tasks and Perspectives

Global Working Class Unity!

With the global mobilization of the working classes of the world we see growing evidence of global class consciousness. The persistent, yet hidden truth is that the foundation of our societies is built on working class labor. As global class agitation rises and mass organization demands that the workers of the world replace these oppressive and exploitative rulers, it becomes increasingly clear that we need global systemic changes. The old system must be uprooted and replaced with international socialism.

Throughout various periods of history, the proletariat workers have had opportunity to unite and overthrow their oppressive regimes. Yet their attempts were thwarted by docile workers willing to bargain with the ruling classes. These class traitors typically sympathized with their oppressors due to a variety of underhanded attempts by the ruling classes to confuse the workers class interest with their own, primarily through isolation, disorientation, and misdirection. This is often accomplished by increasing the availability of aesthetical aspects of bourgeois life, pushing a false media narrative, and eliminating channels of communication between comrades. For example, the archetypal white American suburb of the 1950s physically and ideologically seperated this so-called “middle class” from other workers. They could view themselves as homeowners, fundamentally different from urban renters. Homeowning pushed them to sympathize with the capital-owning classes, as they were encouraged to conflate personal property with private property (the means of production). Another example is fascistic ideaology that confuses ruling class antagonism with some ethnic, racial, or gender identity. The rulers with their monopoly on the means of production and their growing profits extracted from slavery, wage labor, and manufactured scarcity…this is not the problem, says fascism, it is “the Jews” or “the gypsies”—the mysterious other. Such a misdirection requires social isolation from this other, and a false understanding of one’s own class position.

The oppressors maintain control over the means of production, and subsequently our choices, tastes, and culture. They own and/or control all legitimate sources of news, media, and communication, allowing them to frame degrading material conditions as the fault of an other, and improving material conditions as the result of their own generosity and competence. They mute class consciousness, yet their efforts are losing effectiveness. The global proletariat have an opportunity to evolve this exploitative system if we can ward off false consciousness. With the threat of growing environmental disaster, this becomes increasingly crucial that we spread class consciousness and unite with our fellow proletariat comrades from all over the world. We cannot let ignorance pull workers towards becoming self-destructive class traitors, who protect the ruling capitalist class due to a false understanding of class and their own class position.

Under our current global economic system, ecological collapse is inevitable. The future well-being of humanity and our environment requires change through class consiousness. It require active organization. It requires these things on a global-scale. With that, I assert with urgency, workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose, but your chains.