Tasks and Perspectives

These articles are accessing or reviewing leftist political ideology, and how those relate to the objectives of leftist movements. Some articles may emphasize the importance of certain goals, while others may be some thoughtful considerations. In both cases, discussion is highly encouraged!

Digital Divide, Closing The Availability And Accessibility Gap Of Internet Computers In Rural Community Schools In Nigeria.

Digital divide is inequality in access, distribution and use of information, communication and technologies between two or more populations. Digital divide may also be viewed as a gap that exists between those who have access to computers and the internet and those that do not have access. The United Nations posits that though digital divide […]

Need to help small scale businesses in rural Nigeria.

Peace-couture Faction is base in Akanu Ngwa Autonomous Community Ugwunagbo Nigeria. They are faced with series of challenges, and worst is unstable power supply. just like other businesses in the rural Nigeria, government need to live up to their responsibility by making environment that will enhance businesses to strive and Akanu Ngwa Community is not […]

The Gap of Availability and Accessibility of Internet Computer in rural Nigeria.

A time we have unequal distribution of digital communication in Nigeria, the rural dwellers suffers most of this lack of availability and accessibility of Internet computers. This gap of availability and accessibility has created wide digital illiteracy and as such increased poverty at the rural areas in Nigeria. What to do? The responsibility of combating […]

Nigerian police unit to be ‘disbanded,’ but protests continue

By OKEZIE ADINDU and REGINA LONCAREVIC This article mirrors an article originally uploaded to Socialist Resurgence. After a week of mass organizing across Nigeria, officials announced on Sunday, Oct. 11, their intentions to dissolve the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), a particular unit of the Nigerian Police Force known for corrupt policing and excessive use […]


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