Unite4Action-Nigeria: Organizing Objectives


Unite4action-Nigerian is on a mass awareness campaign to unite students/youths with the working classes in Nigeria in a fight for worker solidarity and climate justice. We oppose political corruption, and push for climate change education. While alone we can do little, united we are powerful and we can change Nigeria for the better!


Student Outreach

We hope to inaugurate student representatives from all of the universities and colleges in Nigeria. With our guidance, these students will be encouraged to organize educational events, with a focus on community-building and climate change action.

We will be visiting secondary schools to teach the students about climate change. A member of Unite4Action-USA previously worked on climate change research, with a focus on environmental modeling. With this comrade’s assistance, we’re working on creating educational materials. We’re particularly interested in clarifying how political and economic systems are exacerbating the climate crisis, and how these systems can be changed to better address environmental concerns while pushing for workers’ rights. We highlight that these are global systems, just as climate change is a global crisis. We need to have solidarity with the working classes all over the world, while pushing for changes at the local-level.

Investigating Oil Spill Areas

We intend on visiting communities in the oil-producing regions, especially in areas where oil spillage is contaminating waterways or soils. We plan on photographing the ecological damage due to oil spills, and meeting with community stakeholders. We are going to try to inaugurate at least one community member in each location, so that this volunteer can send us pictures and information on the progression of spill conditions. We will document these spill areas, and report on (1) what remediation may look like, (2) how community members are impacted by the spill, and (3) how we can push for political action to address oil contamination, as well as the economic issues contamination has caused (e.g. people in the community unable to grow enough food due to contaminated soils).

Community-Building Around the Environment

We will be organizing community actions that focus on environmental remediation. Beyond building community connections, we hope these actions connect our communities with the natural world.

For example, our first action is currently set to be a tree-planting event. Trees naturally sequester carbon dioxide (CO2), and so this action will also focus on how we, as a community, can work with the natural world to address the climate crisis. We would like to push that these natural approaches can be part of addressing the climate crisis. Oftentimes, tech-gurus claim they will invent the device that “solves” climate change…claims such as these are not based in the reality of current climate change research. Ecosystems are complex systems that we are a part of. We cannot begin to address the current climate crisis without engaging with this reality.


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